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Uncharted Taritory



 Is a local media and entertainment company, founded by the husband and wife duo of Toriano and Taricka Clinton. Taritorial, LLC began as an idea several years ago and though established in 2017, Taritorial, LLC is rapidly growing to a desirable and “in demand” company within the entertainment industry.

Taritorial, LLC introduced the world to its web series Uncharted Taritory in 2014. Uncharted Taritory is a web based series that was forged from a strong bond of love, friendship, pure adrenaline, and the relentless urge to have fun and enjoy life. Uncharted Taritory’s mission is to assist locals and tourist in creating priceless memories by introducing them to new experiences such as restaurants, events, travel, and venues that ordinarily may not be known to the public.


The Taritorial team, surmounted another media source with the release of their podcast called The Afterthought. The Afterthought is a outlet which discuss the hottest topics, television shows, entertainment news, current world issues, and more. The Afterthought has generated a growing pool of followers world wide.

Uncharted Taritory premieres on TheOnchannel.com, as well as the most frequently used social media and web stages such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and can also be found on  UT’s website: www.unchartedtaritory.com.

The Afterthought Podcasts are published on Apple iTunes, Spreaker.com, Stitcher.com, and Sound Cloud. Taricka and Toriano has also engendered popularity in event hosting as the Masters of Ceremony.

MISSION: To assist locals and tourist create priceless memories by introducing them to new experiences.

VISION: To have Uncharted Taritory in every city.  

This platform is built on a little piece of Taricka (Tari) and a little piece of Toriano (Tory), hence the name: Uncharted Taritory. And well, it just made damn good sense, like PEANUT BUTTER and JELLY!!!